Commodore Ron Westlake

I was on the Board of Directors of CYC for 11 years.  I started out being the social director for a few years and then became a fleet captain, vice commodore and then commodore.  I always loved being part of the club.  All members of the club worked hard to make improvements and I enjoyed being part of a working club.

As mentioned above, I started out as a social director.  The first year I was on the board as a social director we organized a social event for sail past expecting a great turnout but unfortunately that year it snowed!  I remember ordering pails of potato salad for the event.

People were huddled in their boats as it was cold and snowy.  I remember going boat to boat trying to give away potato salad.  It was a disaster because of the wet snow, rain, and wind.

No sailpast took place that year.  

Over the years we worked on docks, improvements to the wave break, changing the dock configurations, adding docks to the club but the best part was the friends we met over the years and how well everyone worked together.

I loved racing. Tuesday night and club races. But I learned the hard way at the start of a race which boat had the right of way.  I ran into another club member’s boat who did have the right of way!  It was a bit of an embarrassment at the time, but it never happened again.  It all worked out fine between club members.

It was great to be on the board when the club purchased the grain elevators.  It was an exciting time for the club to be able to secure the yacht club basin for a long period of time. 

I really enjoy being part of the yacht club over the years.  My wife, Laurie, and our daughters, Carley, and Abbey, enjoyed being part of the CYC and sailing Georgian Bay.   Just Abbey and I participated in the Georgian Bay Regatta when she was only 14. We fell asleep one day when we had it on autopilot!  Great times in our life that you never forget.