Membership Info

What we have to offer

  • Well protected moorings for boats up to a maximum of 40 feet (Mooring slips are limited and may not be available immediately)
  • Pump-out at the service dock
  • Freshwater on the docks
  • Electricity on the docks
  • Mast Crane Washrooms, showers and a kitchenette
  • Meeting Space (Clubhouse)
  • Crane service for spring and fall boat lifting
  • Winter storage at reasonable rates (based on availability)
  • Sail boat racing program
  • Racing and Cruising awards
  • Social Events
  • E-COLYAC email newsletter
  • Annual Directory of Members

Membership Matrix

Voting Rights Mooring Seniority Work Hours Fees Initial Fees
Full Active Y Y Y Y $500 + HST $5000 + HST
Senior Associate N N Y N $175 + HST
Active Member Leave N N Y N $100 + HST
Honorary N N N N N
Social N N N N $250 + HST
Next Generation Y Y Y Y $500 + HST $2500 + HST
Waiting List N N N N $300 + HST non-refundable
Reinstatement of a Member Y Y Y Y See below See below
  • Deceased Member: Spouse/Partner continues retaining seniority, No Fees.
    • Children can pay half the initiation fee + boat fees: Seniority to be determined.
  • Senior Associate offered to members in Good Standing with more than 5-year Seniority, retains Seniority and may come back.
  • Active Member Leave offered to members in Good Standing for a max. of up to 3 years – cannot be on club grounds except as a guest of a club member
  • Next Generation Membership can be offered at the discretion of the board to a member’s adult child over the age of 30 upon the death or retirement of a member in good standing. A preferred seniority status can be assigned by the Board – upon acceptance by the Board, all rights and privileges will be afforded to this member
  • Reinstatement of a Member can be offered at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Members must pay either the rate differential from the initiation fee they originally paid and the current initiation fee (their seniority status starts from the date of their rejoining) or back pay their outstanding dues and work hour requirements. This option allows them to regain their original seniority status. If accepted, all or part of their initiation fees may be waived by resolution of the Board.

New Members or Associates accepted between the Annual General Meeting and the 1st day of February shall be considered as paid up Members or Associates until the 1st day of February of the following calendar year. New members joining after July 31st will be assessed prorated annual dues, mooring fees and work hours by the board.

Fees and Duties

After paying an initial fee to join the club, members pay an annual dues fee plus a mooring fee based on width plus length of the boat. In addition, every member must contribute Work-hours to work at the club (or pay an additional fee in lieu of hours).

For those non-boat owners wishing to access the club and partake in CYC social events, a social membership is available at a very reasonable cost.

The Club has been able to maintain its modest fee structure through cooperative work of the members. This has enabled us to build facilities at a fraction of the usual cost.

Visit the Fees Page to learn about our fees and download the application form when ready.

Note: Applications for boats over 40′ LOA will not be accepted.