Membership Fees

Important Notice

Due to limited availability, there is currently a wait time of approximately one to two years for a slip, depending on the size of your boat. If you’d still like to become a member of the Collingwood Yacht Club, please submit an application for our non-member waitlist. There is a $300 fee that comes with this application, however, this fee will be applied to your membership dues when a slip becomes available. When a slip does become available, waitlist applicants will go through the same process as current members to become a full-member. Thank you for your understanding.

Membership Application

Please note, mooring slips at CYC are currently limited and may not always be available on request. Slips are assigned in order of seniority within the club. The CYC CANNOT accommodate boats over 40′ in Length Over All and will not accept applications for boats that are too long. Thank you for understanding.

In order to apply for a membership you must submit by MAIL our membership application form (downloadable form above) along with your payment for your initial fee ($5650 single payment or $3107.50 over two years – both including HST). Your application will be reviewed and the CYC Membership coordinator will contact you.

For Social or Associate applications, please include a cheque for $282.50 (HST Included)–

**Please note that in order for your application to be processed, it must include Two CYC Member Sponsor’s signatures or one signature and previous club affiliation. Your application must also include a cheque for your initial fee ($5650 single payment or $3107.50 over two years- including HST) If your application is submitted without sponsors or payment, it will delay processing until sponsors are found or an interview with the membership committee is completed.

Membership Initial Fees

Initial Fees are due with your application for membership to the CYC. All new members are required to pay initial fees to join the CYC for mooring privileges. Note, Social and Associate members do not have access to mooring and are not required to pay the initial fee.

$5650 (HST Included) – $5,000 plus HST  OR Two (2) annual installments of $3107.50 (HST Included) – $2750/year plus HST.

Annual Member Fees (Dues)

Full Voting Member (With or without mooring) – $500/year plus HST

Social or Associate – $250/year plus HST

-Social Associate privileges include: CYC Club Emails and Social Events, CYC Gate Access, CYC Clubhouse access and Rental availability.
-Social Associates are not entitled to the following: Voting rights, Mooring or storage, Crane or Pump-out usage
*Social Associates do not pay Initial Fees to join unless they wish to upgrade to a Full Voting Member. Social Associates are also subject to waiting list availability for memberships and should include two CYC Member sponsors.

Member Mooring Fees (CYC Basin – Includes Hydro & Water)

$22/foot L+W overall plus HST.
Ex: a 25′ boat with beam of 7′ incurs 32′ L+W overall; $22/foot x 32′ = $704+HST per season.

Transient Mooring Fees (CYC Basin – Includes Hydro & Water)

$50/night plus HST, flat rate.
-Includes Pumpout and clubhouse access (kitchen, showers, ice)
-Please arrange ahead of time when possible (by email- and radio “Collingwood Yacht Club” on Channel 68 upon arrival to Collingwood Harbour.

Work Hours

All CYC Members are expected to contribute ten recorded work hours to the club each calendar year. Non-completed work hours are billed at $100/hour.

Work Hours include: Lift in and Lift out crews, club maintenance and projects, clubhouse cleaning and grounds maintenance, CYC Director service, Pub night hosting and other duties as approved by the CYC Executive.

Storage Fees

Winter Storage – $13/foot LOA (A 25′ LOA boat is billed for 25′)

Summer Trailer Storage (for members who do not winter store already) – $15/foot based on Boat LOA

Note: Trailers must be labelled or tagged clearly with boat owners name at the head of the trailer and have the current year’s CYC trailer sticker.

Lift In and Out

Fees for lift-in and Lift-out are determined annually.